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What is a Vegan?
Written by Hippie Butter of
Chief Hemp Officer of Hippie Butter Hemp Seeds

                  Veganism is a dietary lifestyle that many choose to adhere to for a number of different purposes. From health reasons to environmental conscience, vegans take their diets very seriously. As a form of vegetarianism, veganism requires you to not eat meat, fish or poultry. But in addition to that, vegans refrain from eating other animal products and by-products like eggs, milk or honey and do not support the use of cosmetics, soaps, silks or wools that came from animals.

The health effects of veganism all range for how you approach the lifestyle. Like any healthy diet, a proper vegan diet is filled with variety. It is still important to get all the nutrients and vitamins you need but with veganism, there is a different path. Fruits and vegetables are the obvious choice but vegans also branch out to nuts, seeds and legumes to replace the necessary nutrients in things like meat and dairy products.

A clear advantage of the vegan diet is that it is completely void of cholesterol and is generally very low in saturated fat. This leads to a dramatic decline in the chances for heart disease and cancer, which are frequently caused by processed foods. There are some fatty foods, like nuts, oils and avocados, that are allowed in a vegan diet.

And while the health effects can be great, many people transition to a vegan diet because of the social ramifications of eating meat, eggs and dairy products. As has been well documented in several recently popular documentaries, the larger food production companies around the world do not always value the animals they use to produce their food. The deplorable conditions that cows and chickens must endure just to produce the amount of food necessary is often enough to push those considering the diet change to jump right in.



Surprising Benefits of This Common Drink

Surprising Benefits of This Common Drink

What is one drink that you couldn’t live without?  Wine, beer, or soda?  For many people, the answer would be coffee.  Coffee has become part of the daily ritual for millions of people all across the world and has been around for centuries.  Sip espresso, have a latte or drink it black because coffee is not only tasty, it is good for you too.


Skip the Fluff

One of the best ways to get the health benefits that coffee contains is to drink it naturally.  Adding anything artificial, or pouring loads of sugar in your brew can seriously strip it of any natural health benefits that it contains.  Natural products like almond milk, Stevia, or specialty items like Hopwater® can be used for healthier options.  Your coffee can still taste the way you like it by using natural ingredients.


What Health Advantages Are There?

A certain amount of caffeine is good for you!  That’s great news because many couldn’t live without their coffee in the mornings.  Anything under 400 mg is considered okay to consume for the average, healthy adult.  Depending on your cup size, this can be from 1 to about 4 cups per day. Coffee has been known to stimulate your nervous system which makes you wake up.

It has been studied and was found to lower the risk of certain cancers and diseases, reduce inflammation, reduce the chances of a stroke, helps open up airways for asthma patients, and it also reduces the risk of getting type 2 diabetes.  Not bad for a drink you enjoy having every day.


Impressive Antioxidants

One of the main benefits of coffee is the number of antioxidants it has.  Antioxidants help fight disease, sickness and boost our immune styles as well as help “repair” any damage to our body.  Coffee has a highly concentrated amount of these desired elements, in fact, according to WebMD, it is the number one source to obtain them.  

Although tea, fruit, and chocolate are also sources that top the list for antioxidants, coffee still surpasses them.  Many people drink coffee every day without realizing that they are starting their day with a good number of antioxidants being delivered to their system.


Caution on Caffeine

Coffee is amazing, but too much caffeine can cause issues.  You put yourself at risk for health damages if you drink over 400 mg a day.  Coffee has a lot of caffeine in it, and too much can cause issues such as high blood pressure, headaches, acting “jittery” or shaking, lack of sleep, an increased risk of heart issues including heart attacks, indigestion, and irritation of stomach ulcers.  The key to drinking coffee is to avoid over-consumption and to avoid adding artificial creamers or similar products.


Enjoy Coffee the Right Way

Coffee can affect your body positively if consumed correctly.  Organic roasts and brews will have less tampering of the beans which means less chemical interference.  This is an excellent choice, but if organic isn’t an option for you, consider using healthier additives like Stevia, Hop Water, steamed milk, almond milk, etc. instead.  Processed sugar can wreak havoc on your health and increase the risk of heart issues, blood pressure spikes, and other related cardiovascular problems. 

Under 400 mg will provide an excellent source of antioxidants, energy and other health benefits, and can even lower the risk of some diseases.  It is also best to consume your caffeine earlier in the day, as it can stay in your system for a few hours.  Drinking caffeinated coffee in the evenings will keep you up at night. 


Bio: Sarah is a huge proponent of natural caffeinated drinks like roasted coffee. She talks about what she knows about the popular drink on We Dream of Coffee and hopes that one day everyone will appreciate its benefits and advantages.