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Hopwater® is the mood motivating water enhancer that is alcohol-free, calorie-free, fat-free, gluten-free, sugar-free (no glycemic impact), and allows you the freedom to enjoy water with benefits!


Why Give?


   We here at Hopwater® think the better question is why not give? The United States is one of the wealthiest nations in the world and has been blessed with financial abundance. According to The Economist (“Why is America so rich?” Nov 9th 2010, by R.A.), “America remains the world's richest large country. It's generally estimated to have a per capita GDP level around $45,000, while the richest European nations manage only a $40,000 or so per capita GDP (setting aside low population, oil-rich states like Norway). Wealth underlies America's sense of itself as a special country, and it's also cited as evidence that America is better than other economies on a range of variables, from economic freedom to optimism to business savvy to work ethic.”


   We as Americans have always been very charitable and it is this philosophy that has made the USA a beacon to many needy people. It is the giving spirit of America that we try to emulate here at Hopwater®. That is why we have pledged with Giving What We Can ( to donate 10% of all our profits to eliminate poverty in the developing world. Hopwater® believes what Giving What You Can has stated on their website: “Giving What We Can emphasizes that we must do more than just give: we must give effectively. We need to look at the data and donate our money carefully. It can be the difference between saving a life and saving 1,000 lives.”


   Hopwater® believes that in a land of abundance like the United States it is a moral imperative to provide the basic necessity of food to the poor and needy. It is by purchasing Hopwater® that you become an instrument for global change. A story you are probably familiar with goes like this: a little boy is walking along a beach that is covered with thousands of starfish. He is tossing one starfish at a time back into the ocean. An older man passes by and chuckles at the absurdity of getting those thousands of starfish back into the water. He says “Son, you’ll never get them all back in the water. There are thousands upon thousands. Do you think it really matters?” The boy picks up a starfish and tosses it into the ocean saying “it matters to that starfish”. I think you get the point.


It matters.