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Hopwater® is the mood motivating water enhancer that is alcohol-free, calorie-free, fat-free, gluten-free, sugar-free (no glycemic impact), and allows you the freedom to enjoy water with benefits!

Hopwater® is a revitalizing, refreshing unique water enhancement. It was developed by a

brewmaster, quality assurance supervisor, and chemist. The aim was to develop a non-

alcoholic, universal water additive to be shared by youth and adults alike. Hops have

been known to have many beneficial effects including helping insomnia, menopause and

anxiety relief. The FDA has not approved any of these healthful benefits yet as the

research continues to positively progress showing many more potential benefits. Please

visit the "Benefits" page to investigate the many scientific papers on the benefits of


It is our hope you will enjoy this product as a thirst quencher after strenuous

exercise, a relaxing drink visiting with friends or a nightcap to ease you into a restful

sleep. Why drink Hopwater®? It just tastes good (and is good for you).